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Channel 4 film production of Zoë scene from the film of The Last Post The Bill

The Laughter Clinic

Stephen is the co-witer on Ed Blum's new feature film, now in development.


Oxford Film and Television 2000. A feature-length TV adaptation of the opera filmed on location.

Director Therea Griffiths
Screenplay Stephen Plaice
Producer Simon Flind

Starring: Janis Kelly, Geoffrey Dolton, Richard Coxon, Jonathan Viera, Daniel Gill, Emily Gilchrist, Gemma Ticehurst, Rebecca Bowden, Mark Enticknap

First broadcast 4 December 2000 on Channel Four

The Last Post

Sarah Radcliffe Productions 1997. Film adaptation of the play.

Director: Ed Blum
Screenplay Stephen Plaice
Producer Nerys Thomas

Starring: Richard Hope, Maureen Beatty, Bll Thomas

Multiple screenings on Channel 4, BAFTA nominee for Short Film Category 1997

Made in Heaven

Full-length romantic comedy for Granada (unproduced) 2003.

Screenplay Stephen Plaice
Producer Shefali Malhoutra


Adaptation of the stage play (unproduced) 2003


The Bill

Between 1995 and 2005, Stephen Plaice wrote the following episodes of ITV's The Bill :

Half-hour episodes

Four Walls 1995

Lockdown 1995

Follow the Van 1996

Toe the Line 1996

Parklife 1997

Last Respects 1997

Stolen Thunder 1997

One of the Gang 1998

Under the Grill 1998

Hour-long episodes

The Wrong Horse 1999

Tinderbox 1999

Borderline 1999

Sun Hill Boulevard 1999

Search Me 2000

Trust (3 Parter) 2000

  1. A Sprat to Catch a Mackerel
  2. The Hare and Hounds
  3. The Deep Blue Sea

The Leopard (2 parter) 2001

  1. The Leopard part 1
  2. The Leopard part 2

Return of the Hunter 2001

Angel Rooms 2001

On a Clear day (2 of 3 parter) 2001

  1. On a Clear Day
  2. Come Live with me

Lifelines 2001

Episode 293 2005

Stephen also developed the concept and wrote early episodes of Dreamteam (Sky 1), co-wrote one episode of Ballykissangel (BBC1), and wrote the story for Murder City episode 'Mr Right' (Granada).

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