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Tangier Tattoo

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An operatic thriller in three acts

Tangiers, the crossroads of two civilisations, where East meets West. Nick, a young backpacker meets Nadine, a beautiful American girl. At a cafe in the old city, they are caught up in a drug exchange that goes wrong, in which two European drug-dealers are gunned down. They escape the shoot-out with as briefcase full of money. Holed up in a seedy hotel, they decide they are going to have the time of their lives. But that night Nadine reveals to Nick a mysterious tattoo that she has had done in the city, the female half of a tattoo representing 'perfect love'...

Composer John Lunn

Book and lyrics Stephen Plaice

Directed by Stephen Langridge

Designed by Alison Chitty

Conducted by James Morgan

Movement by Phillippe Giraudeau

Lighting Design by Paul Pyant

Glyndebourne on Tour Orchestra, The Glyndebourne Chorus

Starring: Katherine Rohrer, Roland Davitt, Julian Forsythe, Rachid Sabitri, Omar Ebrahim, Jonathan Best, Rodney Clarke

Première at Glyndebourne October 22nd 2005. See Glyndebourne website for touring dates.

Press notices

'If every opera production were like this, the genre would soon shake off its cumbersome geriatric image.'
Richard Morrison The Times.

'Well, the work might be unashamedly targeted at twentysomethings, but
those expecting a patronisingly poppy 'youf' experience should be pleasantly surprised ... Lunn's score is certainly operatic, accessible, melodic and eclectic ... Plaice's sex'n'drugs in Morocco storyline would make a decent TV drama ... the cast are uniformly excellent ... The whooping and whistling at the end indicated that the work's target audience approved. This fiftysomething did, too.'
David Gillard Daily Mail

'With its topical themes of drug-running and terrorism, the plot is sharp and smart, if initially slow-burning, and Plaice's libretto is promising.'
Edward Seckerson The Independent

'Most worrying of all is the sense that any self-respecting youth audience is going to see through Glyndebourne's attempt to get with the kids as a patronising gesture of trendy inclusivity.'
Tom Service The Guardian

'Wow, how cool is that, man !... Derivative drivel like this will never convert the iPod generation'
Rupert Christiansen The Daily Telegraph

'If I was introducing someone to the opera, I would take them to this - and I'll be going home and telling all my friends,"Oh my God, I've been to the opera!" '
Alex of the Suffrajets, also in The Guardian

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