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The School of Night

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The life of the playwright and secret agent Christopher Marlowe, examining the conspiracy that led to his death in a Deptford tavern.

Play by Stephen Plaice

Directed by Helena Uren

Designed by Matthew Miller

Cast: Jason Merrells, Catherine Gisbourne, Matthew Haynes, Ralf Higgins, Simon Morales, Judith Hurley, Sebastian Michael

Première - Pavilion Theatre, Brighton: May 20th 1992

Edinburgh production: 17th August 1992

London Première - Warehouse, Croydon: 9th September 1992

Press notices

'The whole company ignites this sometimes grotesque vision of plotting to provide an exceptional homage to Marlowe. Through literature and history it formulates a wonderful and arresting story.'
The Scotsman

'Admirably played by a talented cast who strut and fuck with vigour. A hoot.'
Time Out

'The play skilfully combines masque and music with the darkness and brooding cynicism of Revenge tragedy to create an absorbing spectacle'
The List

' The Warehouse has it taped early with this boisterous and, for all its occult posing, amiable show from Alarmist Theatre, which flits in fresh from its midnight slot at the Pleasance.'

'Ralf Higgins is a visually striking Marlowe, ashen-faced, hollow-eyed, red hair cropped short, but his prancing, preening performance suggests Kit was killed because Elizabethan England had room only for one queen.'
Martin Hoyle The Times

The Kentish Times

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