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Confucius Says

programme image

The analects of Confucius were blended with Chinese folk-tale to create a new children's opera for Hackney Music Development Trust.

The Chinese Mother Goddess Nü Wa challenges Gong Gong the spirit of the water, and Jurong the spirit of fire to redress the balance of yin and yang in the human beings she creates out of the clay of the Yellow River.

They recount six tales to persuade her which of them she should favour in her recipe for the soul.

Cast: Nü Wa - Alison Buchanan, Jurong - Wu Yanmei (Mei Mei), Gong Gong - Damian Thantrey

Composer : Richard Taylor
Text : Stephen Plaice
Music Director : Jonathan Gill
Director : Clare Whistler
Designer : Neil Irish

Produced by Hackney Music Development Trust

Première: Hackney Empire July 3rd 2008

Winner of the Royal Philharmonic Society Award for Education 2008